About us

Maëlle Botrel

Maëlle has worked in the tourism field for the past 10 years as seasonal worker in many different countries. She has a preference for Nordic countries such as Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Norway, as well as Canada.

Thanks to her experiences from receptionist to guide, waitress or tour operator,  she has experienced all the stages of what makes an unforgettable trip.

She also developped a great interest in the conservation of nature and how to live in harmony with Nature. This is one of her passions in developping Lapland Retreat.

Thierry JUGE

For years, Thierry shared his time between running his own business in routing and practicing his hobby, dog-sleddging with his beloved dogs.

Passionate for the North, he bought his own cabin in Swedish Lapland and has been exploring seasonally the joy of Nordic life for more than 25 years.

Sharing the Nordic culture and its nature is one of his motivations for building Lapland Retreat.

Thierry & Maëlle

They met in Lapland in 2015. Their shared interests for Lapland, nature and life in the wild quickly built a strong friendship.

The idea of opening a wilderness retreat popped up during a trip in Swedish Lapland and since, never left them! Less than a month after, the decision was taken and the adventure began!

More than a simple wilderness camp, they want to create a retreat where the guests can enjoy the wilderness and learn about the real life in the North; Being a part of the community, the local life, in harmony with the Sami culture and nature; Welcome people as friends and share all the joys Swedish Lapland has to offer.

For more information about the camp, our stays or to book, pleace click here

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