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Special winter market in Jokkmokk

The winter market in Jokkmokk is a incredible dip into the sami culture. Enjoy this very special stay in the hear of swedish lapland

Christmas in Lapland

Create amazing memories by spending christmas in Lapland. Between city and Nature, you will enjoy a magic traditional swedish Christmas

Activity holidays in Lapland

Enjoy activity holidays in lapland. Between city and Nature, take the best of it! Adventure Nature and culture guaranteed!

Digital détox holidays

Disconnect with your everyday stress, relax and enjoy the moment, isn’t it what means “holidays”? However, the stress is still hunting us during our days off. emails, social networks, internet, it is hard to disconnect when our phone feed our fear of missing out, the famous FOMO syndrome. The solution could be then, digital detox

Séjour en Laponie suédoise, dans un camp au coeur de la forêt boréale

Holidays in Lapland

Situated in the heart of the boreal forest, in swedish Lapland, our camp is the perfect place for your holidays in Lapland.