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Digital detox holidays – Ecolodge in Lapland

Disconnect with your everyday stress, relax and enjoy the moment, isn’t it what means “holidays”? However, the stress is still hunting us during our days off. emails, social networks, internet, it is hard to disconnect when our phone feed our fear of missing out, the famous FOMO syndrome. The solution could be then, digital detox holidays.

“Put your phone in a secure box and give it to us, a militant act for your health!”

Nobody goes to the gym 24h/7. And nobody works only the biceps, arms would probably fall apart. Body needs rest and diverse exercising to be healthy. It is exactly the same with the brain. It needs to disconnect and get some rest to be able to be performant when needed.

well-being in lapland
increase your well-being

Take a digital break during your holidays is also a good opportunity to realize that you are not as dependant as you think. It often happens that digital detox holidays travelers go back home with new habits: better management of the time spent on the phone, better control on their phone consumption…

Nature reduces stress and increases well-being

Immerse in nature, decrease cortisol level in the body, the stress hormone. Moreover, it also improves our creativity and our full awareness.

It is often the need to be outside and experience nature that decide people to go to digital detox holidays.

Going for a walk on a forest road, taking a dip in a lake, fishing, making a barbecue or just listening to the wind, are 100% well-being activities.

Disconnect to reconnect with yourself

Disconnecting for our phone is giving ourselves time. No need for a grandiose, simply little things like taking care of yourself, cooking your favorite meal, reading a book or writing or going for a walk. Simple activities that are essential for a good mental health.

digital detox holidays in an ecolodge in lapland
Reduce your stress in an ecolodge in Lapland

Digital detox holidays at Lapland Retreat

  • A place surrounding by nature
  • 4 cozys cabins, warmed-up with firewood, with 1 double bed
  • 1 warm common house with fully equipped kitchen, living room and dining room
  • 2 traditional saunas with wood stove
  • 1 secure box to keep away your phone (optional)

We have created Lapland Retreat by passion for the nordic Nature and culture. We wanted an ecolodge in lapland where well-being and peace are omnipresent. Being surrounded by nature, enjoying the moment, taking care of yourself and mostly disconnect from your phone, are the essential ingredients to have great holidays. Digital detox holidays 100% “lagom”.

Our stays

For more information about availabilities, the camp, please click here.

take a digital break and reconnect with nature
Boreal ecolodge in swedish Lapland
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