Digital detox holidays

From the end of August to the beginning of April, you can watch those wonderful northern lights dancing in the sky. No light pollution here

Welcome to our wilderness camp – Digital detox holidays

Swedish Lapland is a wonderful land to enjoy Nature. Our digital detox camp has been made for you to cut from the stressful modern life and go back to the essential. 

Here, no TV, no computer, no technology. You follow the slow rythm of Nature. Digital detox guaranteed.

The cozy forest cabin

Our digital detox camp has no electricity or running water. But it does not mean no comfort. All the cabins are warm up thanks to wood stove, which provide a soft warmth and nice birch smell.

The saunas are also equipped with the traditional wood stove. Inside, you can enjoy a warm shower and relax from your daily winter adventure.

Also, we go daily to the lake to fetch fresh water.

The cosiness of candle lights. Even when the sun is down, the darkness stay away. 

Authentic Lapland

No mass tourism in our wilderness camp, but exclusitvity and authenticity. You will try the taste of Lapland through local dishes, you will experience the life of Lapland through the activities, you will feel the spirit of Lapland through your adventure.

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