How to dress in winter

How to dress in winter – Layers, layers, layers!

The secret to keep the cold away… layers!

We know…the cold is scary!! Particularly when you hear that it can go lower than -40°C! But don’t worry, if you follow those few advices to know how to dress in winter, you should stay warm during your stay 😉

Also, in Lapland, the cold is dry, so it does not feel as cold as you could think!

What to wear:

  • First layer: wool or synthetic thermal long underwear. Cotton is not adviced for the inner layer, as it keeps the humidity from the sweat.
  • Second layer: a comfy and breathable top and trousers.
  • Third layer: a fleece or wool jumper
  • Fourth layer: A dawn jacket (this is an optional layer, depending of your activity and the temperature)
  • Fith layer: A windproof jacket or snowsuit, or snow pants and snow jacket.

Hands, head & feet:

  • Mittens are much warmer than gloves. They can be worn with silk or synthetic under gloves for better isolation.
  • A well-covering balaclava for the coldest and windy days and a wool-hat covering the ears
  • A good scarf is very important. The wind and the cold often pass through the neck. You can also add a layer as a multi fonctional headwear to be sure to stop the cold!
  • After testing a lot of different kind of socks, the wool ones are for us the winners! One or two pair of socks made of wool, and your feet will stay warm and dry all day!
  • Your snowshoes should be one to two size bigger than what you usually wear! It is very important to not be tight in your shoes, otherwise the blood circulation won’t work properly and you will be terribly cold very quickly! So large waterproof and isulated shoes are adviced!
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen are essential from February to May as the sun reflects on the snow!

Adapt your clothes to your activity:

  • Sitting around the campfire or contemplating nature: Wear all your layers! A static posture needs the warmest clothes! And anytime, if you feel too cold, move a bit and drink a nice hot juice.
  • Dog-sledging: All your layers (depending of the outside temperature) + specific winter equipment (boots/overall/mittens) provided by the mushers
  • Snowshoesing: You will be warm during the walk and get colder during the breaks! So it is always good to take-off one layer during the effort and put it on again as soon as we stop.

And inside…

  • Drying your clothes and your shoes overnight is important. Each cabin is equipped with a wood stove, which is perfect to dry everything. But be carefull to not put anything directly on it.. it will burn for sure!
  • If you are cold, take of your snow pants, your jackets and your shoes as soon as you are inside, so the warmth will be able to get you… You will learn that putting clothes on and off is one of the main activity in the North 😉

What about my camera?

  • Cameras do not like the cold so much; the battery goes down much faster! If you want to make it last longer, keep it in the inside pocket of your jacket. Also, bringing a spare battery can be useful as well.

So now you know how to dress in winter and if you respect all those advices, the cold should not bite you… but remember, a hot sauna will be waiting for you every day from 4pm!


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