The Camp

A cocoon in swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland is Europe’s last remaining wilderness area and the home of the Sami people. By staying in our camp, you will be able to discover it and experience an authentic and rustic style of life.  Go back to the essential and get away from the everyday stress.
No electricity nor running water in the camp; however, coziness and confort are the base of your stay.

Nothing is better than a traditional sauna, after a day of outdoor activities

The comfort in the wilderness

The camp has been created to mix well-being, simplicity and adventure.  4 cabins are available for 2 people (2 more can be accomodated on a sofa-bed), 2 saunas heated by a wood stove and equipped with a rustic shower, 2 dry-toilets and 1 common house are on the site. Our guests are welcome to stay in the common house whenever they want, to play games, enjoy a warm drink, read, relax,…
Everybody meets in the common house at night, around 7pm, to enjoy a nice dinner, around a big single table. Breakfast is also served there and lunch if no outdoor activity is scheduled. 
The camp is lighted by dozens of candles , which, when the sun is asleep, plunge you in a soft and warmly glowing atmosphere.
Some of the buildings are also equipped with dynamo lights – .
Head-lamps and torches are available for our guests during there stay.

To a neutral ecological footprint

Live in the wilderness means respect anture. That is why we try a maximum to reduce our ecological footprint.
All the products used in the camp are organic. We provide you everything you could nedd, from the toothpaste to the shower soap, as well as the moisturizer. We ask our guests to only use our products.
As much as possible, the food is local or organic and seasonal.

Enjoy Nature

Far away from the technology and the daily stree, the camp has been created to enjoy the surrounding nature and go back to the essential. Eat around a campfire, fish, walk around, chop wood or just lokk at the falling snow… the  playground is huge and adventure is waiting behind every tree.

Fro more information about the camp, our stays, or to book, please click here.

sauna in the middle of the wood
the cozy and warm bedroom
the wood-stove
the living room
wooden cabin
The main house
Lapland Retreat
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