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Cours de survie en Laponie

Survival camp in Lapland – 6d/5n

In partnership with TRUE NATURE SWEDEN

True Natures Sweden

From November to April

Survival in Lapland’s extreme weather

With this survival holidays in Lapland, you will learn how to handle extreme weather. Situated just under the polar circle, the temperatures can be below 30°C. The wind often blows and the nights are long. But with a good fire and a nice igloo, those snowy landscapes will turn magical.

Wilderness is all around

The survival camp is situated few kilometers from Snesudden, small villages with only few inhabitants. The access road of the camp is closed in wintertime. Composed of four wooden cabins, it is surrounded with forests, frozen lakes, swamps, hills. The place is the perfect playground to learn how to survive in arctic nature.

Simplicity is luxury

Survival holidays in Lapland does not mean being cold and sleeping in wet snow during 6 days. The camp has no electricity or running water. However, you can charge your batteries thanks to a small generator. The cabins are equipped with wood-stove, a double-bed and a comfy sofa where you can relax and watch the fire.

The camp has two saunas, where you can get warm after your day spent outdoor, and take a nice shower.

Programm of your survival camp in Lapland

Day 1, Monday – Arrival at Luléå airport. Your guide is waiting for you in the airport hall. You will go together to collect your cold weather equipment, then your guide will transfer you to the lodge.

 – Presentation and settling in your chalet

Option: The survival kit with one wooden cup, one Mora knife and one fire-stone. Price: 300sek

survival camp in lapland
Survival stay in swedish lapland

– Outdoor dinner. Lunch and dinner are made on a open fire outside.

– Survival courses presentation and theory in the main house

Theoretical survival courses include: – The survival pyramid (theory), the 4 basic needs (theory), fire, shelter, food, water, wild animals, fishing, traps, plants, orientation, move, areas , first aid, leadership, psychology.

The theory will be made every evening in the main house.

Day 2, Tuesday – 8am: Breakfast

– 9am to 3pm: outdoor survival courses.

Learn how to make fire and build an igloo. To be warm in such a cold place, the warmth is essential. Be able to make a good fire and to sleep in a sheltered place will save your life.

Survival swedish lapland
survival holidays in Lapland

– Sauna. Light up your sauna every day and dive into the comforting warmth of this nordic tradition.

Day 3, Wednesday – 8am: Breakfast

Today, you will learn about food and you will finish the igloo. What can you eat in the arctic? The white landscape has things to offer.

survival igloo in Lapland
Built an igloo in Lapland

Day 4, Thursday – 8am: Breakfast

This day is dedicated to traps and fishing. Learn to recognize the animals footprints, where are their main routes and how to catch them. And on the lake, making a whole with 1 meter of ice is not always easy. (No animals will be killed)

Bushcraft cooking in Lapland

– Nature tasting dinner in the main house. Bushcraft in Lapland does not mean starving. Your hosts will make you taste all kind of products found in the Nature.

– Night in the igloo. After few days building the igloo, it is finally time to enjoy it!

Day 5, Friday – 7am: Breakfast 

– Transfer to Lulea (2h transfer)

Option: Dog sledge tour 3h.The end of your stay at the lodge does not mark the end of your vacation! Now is the time to try your sled dog. Keijo will introduce you to harness driving. In the forest or on the frozen sea, this is an unprecedented experience. This tour includes the presentation, the material, the tour on the sledge (about 1h), the meeting with the dogs and a hot beverage in the tepee. Price: 2050sek per person

Be a musher for one day in Lapland
dog-sledding in Lapland

Lunch and dinner not included. The hotel has a restaurant and is located right in the city center, close to multiple restaurants.

The hotel is also close to the ice-trail. This walk on the frozen estuary is spectacular. You can walk, ski, ice skate or kick-sled.

Possibility to rent ice skates (250sek) or skis (200sek), as well as kick-sled (only 2 – 200sek, but kick-sled self-service at the start of the ride – non-guaranteed availability) in a shop near by the hotel.

Night at the Elite Stad Hotel.

Day 6, Saturday – PDJ at the hotel

           – Departure to the airport

2 possibilities of transfer to the airport: – by taxi: Price 3 pers max – 245sek per car. Price 5 pers max – 400sek per car

                                   – by bus: Walk to the Vänorsvägen bus stop (about 800m). Take line 4 towards Luleå airport (approx. 30 min). Price: 35sek per pers

Price per person: 17 050 SEK

This survival camp in Lapland includes

  • Accommodation in double occupancy (one double bed and one sofa bed in each cottage).
  • The saunas from day 2 to day 5
  • Full board, from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 6
  • One set of sheets and two towels per person
  • The toiletries at the camp (mandatory on the site because they are organic and harmless for the environment)
  • Survival courses (practise and theory) with a professional + full day tour dog sledding
  • The transfers
  • Snowshoes, available at any time for camp residents
  • The overalls with boots, hat and gloves
  • The fishing permit for one day

Not included:

  • Flights
  • Alcoholic drinks and sodas
  • Individual travel insurance
  • The options

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