Survive the mosquitoes

Mosquitoes, the legend is true…

But follow those advices and they might not get you… or less!

Incredible nature, great hikes, rivers and lakes by dozens,… Lapland has so much to offer! But if we are away from the mass tourism, we could not escape the mosquitoes. Unfortunately, they are part of the game from mid-june to mid-August. But those advices, could save you from being covered of bites.

How to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes during your stay in Lapland:

  • Keep your body covered as much as possible during your outdoor activities. Long-sleeve shirt, hat, and socks will save you from many bites. You can as well wear mosquitoes net for the head and/or the body.
  • Wear loose clothes as the mosquitoes can bite through.
  • Use repellent when you are outside and bring it with you for longer activities. You will find here a great receipe to make your own repellent with essential oils 😉
  • Mosquitoes are more active at dusk and dawn, particularly around humid area as swamps. Try to avoid thoses places at thoses times.

But don’t worry too much, if we survive, you can as well! 🙂 And some lucky years, Mosquitoes just go to holidays and leave us in peace!

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